Enhanced real time mobile integrations

Our company experts develop mobile apps for iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android platforms that can will enable our clients to create and retain large client bases. We offer enhanced problem solving abilities, real time integration, user interface (UI) development for all the listed mobile platforms.

We develops apps not only for the big brands but also for small/midsized enterprises. Most of the small/midsize businesses now prefer mobile app along with websites in order to enhance their customer experiences.Some of the advantages of investing in mobile app are:

  • Improved visibility: Mobile apps help you to view and interact with your customer’s real time.
  • Enables Direct Marketing: Mobile app allows you to get in touch with your customers directly and inform them about the products, offers, etc.
  • Increased brand loyalty: When a customer downloads your mobile app or makes a purchase through it, you can reward them or offer discounts/coupons etc. to improve brand loyalty.

Mobile App development Platforms

We provide mobile app development platform to our clients which is more important to the enterprise that help our clients in all business ways. BiTAL offers various mobile application development versions. They are:

  • iPad App development
  • iPhone App development
  • BlackBerry App development
  • Android App development
  • Windows App development
  • Native Apps development
  • Facebook App development
  • jQuery App development
  • PhoneGap App Development
  • Enterprise App Development
Enhanced real time mobile integrations