Big data analytics Empowers decision making

Big data analytics solutions provides answers to the questions related to social and other data. Big data analytics solutions release you from depending manual and time consuming data analysis.

Big Data Analysis

Our automation solution for converting large, complex, and disparate data to a database is a user ready business model. This helps our clients to visualize, analyses, and take decision based on correct information. Our tools are collecting data from many sources and convert the data to meaningful reports so that our clients can have 360 degree view of their business.
WiiZ has experience in using Big Data sources like Map Reduce, Hbase, Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark etc. We are single mind in producing intuitive and insightful reports and dashboards from your data. This allows business stakeholders to identify and understand the areas of improvement.
Big Data Solutions
WiiZ always ensures your analytics tools and bigdata workloads are always live. We create meaningful insights for you business from all your existing or new, structured or unstructured data.
  • Big Data Structured Analytics:WiiZ support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, master data management from our structured data.
  • Big Data Unstructured Analytics:WiiZ helps the clients to analyse with higher efficiency, scale with greater flexibility in order to store unstructured big data workloads.
Big data Analysis opensource tools
Hadoop software, the data processing tool distributed by Apache foundation, became the synonym of big data nowadays and you cannot speak about big data without referring Hadoop. Apache has released many other projects to increase the capabilities of Hadoop. There are many other extensions, developed by various vendors and user groups to improve Hadoop capability, available in the market. Hadoop is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X.
Cassandra, originally developed by Facebook, is a NoSQL database. It is now managed by Apache foundation. Many industry giants such us Twitter, Reddit, Cisco etc. use Cassandra. It is an OS independent tool. Many third-party vendors provide professional and paid/free support services for this product.
MongoDB is also a NoSQL database intended for very large databases. It is a document oriented structure and provides full index support. MongoDB is applicable for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Solaris. 10gen provides commercial support for this DB.
Storm is nicknamed as "Hadoop of Real-time" is now owned by Twitter. This tool is equipped with distributed real time computation capabilities. Scalability, robustness, and fault tolerance makes this product stand at the top of the list. It is working with almost all languages. The operating system is Linux.
GridGain offers high efficiency in the in-memory processing for the quick analysis of real-time data. It is really an alternative for MapReduce of Hadoop. Free version is available in GitHub for download. It supports Windows, Linus, OS X.
This product features linear and modular scalability. HBase has unique automatic failover support. It is an OS independent product.
Big Data Analysis platforms
WiiZ offers high quality big data analysis service to our clients. There are many platforms and tools available for Big Data Analysis; however, Hadoop is the first among the line. It is free too. Setting up Hadoop is a not only a tedious and complex job but also requires high expertise and training. Most of the industry specific, user ready Hadoop products are commercial so that we advise you to compare many products before you choose your best or customize Hadoop based on your requirements.
Cloudera CDH
Cloudera CDH is a Hadoop based big data analytics tool. This tool is derived from Hadoop by alumnae of Yahoo, Oracle, Google, and Facebook. Open source as well as commercial versions of Cloudera CDH are available in the market. The Impala analytics engine of Cloudera CDH is used by competitors such as Amazon and MapR in their packages.
Hortonworks Data Platform
Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is an open source big data analytics platform, developed using open source code. This platform is built through Apache software foundation.