Cloud Application Development

We provide an extensive cloud development and our team experts are well trained in cloud application development. We develop small and large development companies and deliver applications all over the world.

Cloud Application Development

AWS Development

Amazon provides highly sophisticated cloud infrastructure for hosting your scalable apps and websites. The peculiarity of this service is that the price of this service is 'pay as you go'.
Amazon Web Service (AWS) allows companies to reduce their hosting infrastructure cost. The challenges of AWS hosting are:
  • Determining which of the many component services offered within AWS (EC2, S3, Amazon RDB, Amazon EBS etc) would be a good fit for your requirements
  • How to take advantage of the architecture provided by AWS so that your product can run at peak efficiency
  • Building in redundant components and fault tolerance so that any kind of outage will not result in loss of service
  • Predicting and budgeting for the costs of hosting and bandwidth.
  • Monitoring the health of AWS infrastructure so that you can take appropriate action if service levels degrade.

WiiZ: Partner with an AWS Standard consultant for building your cloud based product

All your AWS needs can be met by WiiZ. Virtually anything. We are one among the top AWS standard consultant of the country and have vast experience in the cloud based app development. We have well experienced resource in our team and we have access to the AWS team at Amazon. Amazon Web Service provides Sandbox (Test environment) for enterprise level requirements.

Google Cloud Development

Google Cloud infrastructure allows hustle free mobile/web app hosting. Google provides reliable, largest, and scalable IT infrastructure. The infrastructure of google is processing multi-billion queries daily. You can use google cloud development service for hosting and running your own apps.

The benefits of Google Cloud Development are:

  • Unlike Amazon's EC2, no configuration or assembly of hardware is needed
  • All development tools are available in a single integrated environment.
  • Customers don't have to deal with backend tasks like checking application status and handling workflow.
  • Tasks like authentication are also dealt by Google's App Engine.
  • Other features like load balancing and time sensitive triggers for various tasks are also included.
  • Plans start from free to pay.

WiiZ and Google cloud Application Development

To host and run your applicable in Google cloud platform, the apps should be developed using Java or PHP or python. WiiZ's experts have proven skills and expertise in Google cloud platform compatible app development, implementation, and hosting. The hosting in google infrastructure is different from other vendors so that we will truly guide you to the entire SDLC process.