GIS Solutions

WiiZ has many years of impeccable experience in providing geospatial development service to clients worldwide. We have strong working relation with many GIS Development companies, groups, and individuals for delivering complex geospatial products to our clients.

GIS Software

We use industry-standard development ‘languages’ and databases technology to create customized GIS programs for our clients.
We provide desktop GIS software development and installation along with server side configuration and management. Our experts are able to cater GIS development service to our clients using ArcGIS components and development resources.
Map Makers
We provide following Map Market services:
  • Initial consultation and suggestions on styles of mapping
  • Full range of cartographic design services
  • Data capture and ground research
  • Data sourcing, re-projection and processing
  • Proofing and plotting services
  • Output in raster and vector formats
  • Editorial map research skills
  • Print management
Our cartographers are experts in designing following formats:
  • Wall maps
  • Folded pocket maps
  • Digital maps
  • Interactive web maps
  • Mobile Apps
Web Mapping Solutions
Web mapping has been showing steady growth in last few years. We are providing following services:
  • Expertise on taking a printed map into the web environment
  • Single scale static web maps, hyperlinks to further information
  • Using animation to bring web mapping to life
  • Using out-of-the-box mapping APIs such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap
  • Updating web maps through intuitive Management Modules
  • Hosting, maintenance and support
Our resource are providing impeccable responsive design service that are compatible with tablet, latest browsers and HTML5 technology. We develop mapping apps for:
  • Operations Planning, Banking, Sales Territory Areas, Store Finder
  • Interactive Planning Policy Maps for Local Government
  • Interactive Bus and Cycle Maps for Local Government
  • Asset management solutions for Health Care and Housing Associations
  • Web mapping portals for data dissemination
Digital Mapping Services
Digital Mapping Service is one among the top priority service that we provide to our customers. The digital mapping includes.
  • Viewing in internal business software (GIS).
  • Use on your website for location or analytical purposes.
  • For storing on a PC and printing / e-mailing / faxing as and when required.
  • For business analysis, for example in wall maps, and printouts.
  • Importing into marketing and sales material.
  • For use / printing at an external agency.
Mobile Mapping
Our Mapping applications are compatible with all prominent mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian. We have an impeccable track record in developing:
  • Development of mapping for V Festival app to enable navigation by attendees on-site
  • Piste mapping for ski resort location apps
  • 3D mapping for University mobile apps
  • Rapid mobile applications for multiple organisations
  • World Mapping app for promotional use
Mapping Tools
Google Maps
Google map is a web mapping service that provides extensive Application Program Interface (API) for creating different maps various use. There are many apps available in the market that has been using the advantages and facilities of Google map APIs.
Google Earth
Google Earth is a global geographical information program. Google earth allows us to develop maps with shapes, points, boundaries placed on the satellite images or maps. Google Earth allows the user to zoom the new product to 3-D.
ESRI ArcGIS provides non-profit grand program for geographical development service for conservation programs. They also has programs for education, libraries, and humanitarian causes.
Leaflet is an open source Java script library and it is known for its simplicity, performance, and usability. Leaflet is compatible for all desktops and mobile platforms.
OpenLayers ensures easly placement of dynamic maps in webpages. This allows you to display map tiles and markers uploaded from any source.