We provide different platforrm.

Based On Your

Business Needs

Development platform

Setting up a development environment is truly a complex task for start-ups because the development environment should comply security, authentication, DB Connections, identity, and authorization. In order to mitigate this risk, WiiZ offers platform development service that is based on requirement and technology of our client companies.

Our service includes:

  • Integrating different components together
  • Connecting with LDAP
  • Implementation with Oauth2 and SSO
  • Establish DB connections
  • Security Implementation
  • Authorization module Implementation
  • SVN or Git repository integration
  • Maven Building scripts
  • DEV, STAGE and PROD environment setup

Deployment automation Platform

WiiZ offers deployment automation service based on your requirement.

Our service includes:

  • Integrate Jenkins platform
  • Once commit one build
  • Automated email status for deployment
  • Integrate DEV,STAGE,PROD platform
  • Develop strong deployment workflows

Analytics Platform

Mobile devices, web apps, and the latest Internet of Things (IoT) are producing large quantity of variety of data in high velocity. To drive revenue and to drive your enterprise with better efficiency, these data to be unlocked and analysed. WiiZ offers high quality architectures for data analysis platform that are comply with your business needs. We have derived many platforms from open source technologies in order to cater our clients better in terms of better data analysis. We have tools for predictive analysis for business intelligence that will help you to have insight for deriving your market strategies.

Identity Management And Security Platform

Increased business interactions creates today’s business environment complex and risky so that tailor made solutions will not work. Organizations require open standards and security models for centralized access control. It should work for different technologies, models, and standards. Our API experts and open source platform gurus makes this task simple and easy. To test their metal, share your requirement with the team.

Cloud Development Platform

WiiZ offers many AWS security architecture that is suitable for your business requirement. We offer secure server topologies for DEV,STAGE and PROD environment .