About WiiZ
Our goal is building products that customers love.

WiiZ Software Solutions incorporated in 2010. The company has founded by the expert technologists from various IT consultants and Enterprise firms. We equip businesses technologically in order excel to current world business environment. Our company is one among the fast growing and dynamic Offshore development organizations that focus on developing and deploying technology and business solutions for creating a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in the business process of our clients.

We, as a technology partner, provides sales solutions, BI, and finance solution for our valuable customers at zero POC cost. Our Motto is to protect customer’s short-term business, technology dilemmas, and to architect a Next-Gen solution that will ease scalability while ensuring success.

In this process, as a technology partner to our customers, WiiZ has developed deep expertise and consultative advices approach to provide end to end enterprise technology solutions, consultancy service, and offshore development and help our customers to have great agility to excel in the highly competitive business environment.

Vision: Individual expertise, team Excellence
Our individual resources strive to be the best business service contributor so that our company can showcase excellent outcome. WiiZ caters quality service for our customers because we focus our customer’s customer. Our achievements are truly the collection of individual success of our resources.
Mission: To provide Expert solutions and focus on products
WiiZ invests full effort constantly for providing superior technology solutions to our clients in order to ensure they get real value from our service so that we can develop long term business relation with our customers. Our cost-effective management products that bridges the gaps in data and information products are highly efficient and possess scope for huge growth.